Урок для 10 классаа

  1. Этап(вводный)
  1. Орг.момент.
Good morning,boys and girls.I am glad to see you. I hope everybody is ready to work.Sit down ,please. Let’s start our lesson.

Сообщение задач урока,мотивация учебной деятельности.

Now let’s look at the blackboard.Read the proverbs and translate them.слайд 1 How do you understand these proverbs? So what do you think will be the theme of our lesson.

Yes,we’ll speak about education in common ,about education in Britain and Russia.Слайд2

II.Основной этап.

1.включение учащихся в речевую деятельность,систематизация изученной ранее лексики.

But at the beginning of our lesson I’d like to ask you a question: What is the difference between school and life?(Group work) ( Let’s read Allan Bloom’s words..He is an American philosopher.Who can explain his ideas?) Слайд 3
2.а.Актуализация знаний At first let’s remember different types of schools around the world.1.What does each kind of school mean? 2.Which are the most common / uncommon in our country? 3.What type of school do you go to? Слайд 4
2б проверка дом.задания Tell the information about our school.
2c описание школ вРоссии Let’s describe the school system in Russia

.Слайд 5

3а.Система школ в Британии.Чтение текста Now read the text about schools in Britain.
3bРабота с таблицей Take a look at the table .What can you say about British school system? Слайд6
3c аудирование Now we’ll see a short film (video from the site «Window to Britain») What kind of school is it do you think? What was interesting for you in the film?
3d.Презентации учащихся Some schools in Britain are famous all over the world.Your classmates prepared presentations about some of them.Your task will be: to listen to the student and make some notes.

(after each presentation studens should answer the questions:What is the most interesting about these schools? What surprised you most?)

4.TV Bridge»Russia and Britain» Now ,please,let’s divide into 2 groups .One group will be students from Britain ,another one –from Russia.Choose your name.Ask each other questions about schools in Britain and your school.You may use the table.Слайд 7
III Этап


Подведение итогов .

Our lesson is coming to the end.What have you remembered ( learnt,discussed) at the lesson.

Слайд 8

IV Домашнее задание

Выставление оценок.

Learn words M3b

What marks do you think we’ll give for presentations, video,our guests from Britain and other active students?

V.Рефлексия. Take a look at our last slide.What do you think about this lesson.Слайд 9


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